Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some of the common questions we are asked - please contact us if you don`t see the answer to your particular question below.

 What can I sell?

We are interested in all chemicals and technical materials, including speciality chemicals, pharmaceutical intermediates and pharmaceutical active ingredients.

What is the smallest quantity I can sell?

Each separate product for sale must have had an original value of at least $5,000, regardless of the quantity offered. Otherwise, the transaction is not commercially viable.

Are you interested in a list of different products?

Each product will be sold separately, to different customers. Therefore, when several items are offered together, each product must be offered in a commercially viable quantity (as above).

Do you provide documentation?

It is usually possible to provide Certificates of Analysis, Material Safety Data Sheets, photographs, technical bulletins etc. for products offered.

Is it possible to have a sample of a product?

Samples may be provided to potential customers once other commercial details have been provisionally agreed.