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Sell surplus chemicals

Convert surplus chemicals to cash.
Avoid high disposal costs.
Take care of the environment.

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Prime surplus chemicals are sold for
much less than the regular market price.
All the usual documentation is provided


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All purchases and sales of surplus chemicals through Lewis Associates are completely confidential.

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Andrew Lewis Associates


Established in 1989, we specialise in trading surplus chemicals, pharmaceutical intermediates, APIs, and other technical raw materials throughout Europe and worldwide. 



  • We provide an environmentally considerate solution to the problem of surplus or slow-moving stocks, which may otherwise have to be disposed of.
  • We supply prime raw materials, complete with Certificates of Analysis etc. at substantially less than the regular market price.
  • We take ownership of the products we trade, and are not simply acting as brokers or an online trading platform.
  • We manage every aspect of the transaction; arranging transport, handling details such as Dangerous Goods Declarations, Customs Clearances etc.

Our service is fast and professional. Buyers` and sellers` identities are protected as we understand that some transactions may be commercially sensitive.